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What Happens At Your Visit?

When you arrive at the clinic, the receptionist will confirm your full name and address and phone number, and then ask to see your Medicare card and whether you have a Pension or Health Care card, as well the name of your General Practitioner.
You will then be called into a consulting room by an optometry student or Dr Munro, asked about your problem and your vision will be assessed, and often including your side vision will be tested on the visual field Humphrey visual field analyser machine.
Usually an OCT scan of discs and macula plus a photo of the retina will be made without the use of dilatation drops and you will not be charged for these tests.
After he has examined your eyes, Dr Munro will have a discussion with you about your problem and give advice about treatment.
Occasionally, it may be necessary to use dilating drops into one or both of your eyes to examine the retina.
You might prefer to make a return visit or it might be more convenient to proceed with these drops that may blur and distort your vision so that you should not drive for at least 1-2 hours afterwards.