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Frequently asked questions

General Questions:

Do I need a referral?

Yes, generally you will need a current referral from your General Practitioner  or from an Optometrist.
Referrals are valid for 12 months from a General Practitioner and Optometrist and 3 months from a Specialist.

Glaucoma is regarded as a chronic condition requiring regular supervision so that an indefinite referral is acceptable in this circumstance.

WorkSafe patients sent by their employer do not require a referral.

Civil Aviation examinations do not require a referral.

Can I drive to my appointment?

Usually with modern equipment no dilating drops are needed.
However there is a chance you may have drops put in your eyes to dilate your pupils that can blur your near vision for up to 2 hours and therefore recommend that you do not drive during this period.
If you have any concerns or are unable to arrange alternative transport, please let our staff know on arrival so that Bruce may be informed.

What will my consultation cost?

Bulk billing is used for the majority of Dr Bruce Munro’s patients to settle in full using electronic Medicare assignment by signature.
There is no gap payment for Patients who can enjoy the reassurance of a thorough eye examination by Dr Bruce Munro when attending with a new referral.
Exceptions include CASA aviation examinations, work cover and medico-legal cases.
Review consultations using an old referral have reduced Medicare rebate so an abbreviated examination of that condition may be given.

Is the cost of my consultation covered by my private health insurance?

No, this is not relevant to work done in the private consulting rooms at 338 Ryrie Street with Dr Munro.

How can I settle my account?

The majority of Dr Bruce Munro’s patients settle in full using electronic Medicare assignment by signature.

Dr Bruce Munro P/L accepts payment by cash, cheque, money order, EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard.

Credit card payment over the phone is available. Receipts for these phone payments will be posted out to you.


Dr Bruce Munro does some minor procedures in the rooms

This includes the removal of embedded corneal foreign bodies, eyelashes and treatment of lid cysts plus YAG laser capsulotomy and iridotomy.

Dr Bruce Munro can arrange direct referral for other procedures

These include Cataract, Squint, and Glaucoma Drainage surgery to either locally based Specialist colleagues in Geelong, or on to the Waiting List at Geelong Hospital Barwon Health.