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Dr Bruce Munro P/L is the oldest continuously operated ophthalmology practice in Geelong. Since 1974, the practice has been located at 338 Ryrie Street, close to the Geelong Hospital. The garden at rear has been cleared for concrete off-street parking via Sydney Parade with no step wheelchair rear access via side door to Dr Munro’s rooms.

Our philosophy

Dr Bruce Munro P/L is a traditional medical practice which is not owned by a third party nor does it own day surgery or other facilities. Its existence is solely to provide eye care for patients in Geelong.

What we do

Dr Bruce Munro P/L offers advice on medical and surgical treatment of all eye conditions. Dr Munro has an understanding of almost every field of ophthalmology and uses some of the most up to date equipment.
Since 2008, Dr Munro has ceased cataract surgery and has become more specialised in the diagnosis of glaucoma, cataract, red eyes and macular degeneration.
The rooms are open from early in the morning until sometimes later in the evening and the staff will try to make an appointment that will suit you.
Patients will usually have arranged referral from a General Practitioner, or an Optometrist, or a Medical Specialist.
When phoning the staff on 03 5222 3020, you will be asked the reason for attending so that appropriate triage may be made for your appointment.
Duration for attendance of over an hour may be necessary, as some consultations may take longer to resolve than others.
Drops may be used in only one eye per visit if you are driving yourself.